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RE Agents: Build Your Warm Lead Machine in 2024 And Get Buyers And Sellers Calling You!

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2024 is going to demand more from RE Agents: If you have an empty pipeline and you're relying on referrals it's time to rethink your strategy!

“With Easy Online Agent I am actually able to work less and get more leads. The systems that are put into place are bringing my business more attention than ever!"

"AI is the biggest thing since the internet. I have accomplished more in the last week than I have in the last 6 months."

“I am getting more reviews on my Google My Business and that is bringing me phone calls directly from buyers and sellers!

Introducing The OMD Method

Build yourself a Warm Lead Machine in 2024 by skyrocketing your visibility on the largest search engine in the world, building trust and authority quickly with reviews, and implementing speed to lead with every conversation on every platform

Effortless Review Generation

Build authority and trust in your local area by

putting your review generation in easy mode with

our Review Pilot.

Gather reviews easily with Easy online Agent

Capture Every Lead, Every time

Every missed call gets an automatic reply engaging the caller in a conversation immediately. The system also notifies you so you can prioritize and respond.

Over the last 10 years years, We have worked side by side with 1000's of agents...

across the country in ALL markets….Helping them generate more sales in there business utilizing the internet and technology . But while doing this we came across an alarming discovery. This was a real epiphany ….that the majority of Agents across the Nation have a serious problem. And this problem is implementing and utilizing the technology that it takes to not only get new client leads, but to effectively follow up and engage with those leads in todays digital world.

It is undeniable that in a very short period of time , your buyers and sellers have successfully embraced this...

new hi tech - online age of Real Estate ……while Real Estate Agents….HAVE NOT. In fact, in last 10 years we have witnessed the Real Estate technology gap widen EVEN further …. To the point agents are just not capable of using todays necessary High Tech Tools…Even though… to do so would absolutely transform their business and in turn, Give Your Clients a modern High Tech Customer Experience that they ultimately want and need.

Are You Overlooking Social Media?

Agents, you need Social Media now more than ever. The average person spends close to 2 ½ hours using social media every single day? Where else do we have a captive audience that we can talk to FOR FREE? 

Get started and stay consistent on social media to start more conversations for free!

Push your open houses, listings, and education out with the click of a button.

Do you have a Google business profile?

A GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE is a huge source for FREE leads and gives you instant credibility-In this profile your customers can easily see all your contact info , click to call you, browse your listings, and they can even chat with you directly through this platform.

But despite this, so very few agents have a Google Business Profile . And those agents that do have them, have set them up incorrectly. There is in fact a specific strategy to setting up this profile - It needs to be whats called “ optimized” ..Especially if you are in a service business like a real estate agent.

Here's Everything You Get With The Online Market Domination Method....

Google Profile Superboost to get massive visibility on the largest search engine in the world and establish your business as the go to Real Estate Authority in your area

Worth $999

Done For You GMB Posts made with your unique business info these posts consistently send information to Google that YOU are the real estate authority in your area

Worth $1,200/year

Review Pilot start stacking crucial social proof in the form on online reviews. Let the system do all the hard work of sending and following up with review requests

Worth $2,400/year

Multi Channel Responder to capture every lead on every platform and start more conversations. Connect your Facebook, Instagram, GMB Profile, Tiktok, LinkedIn, and watch while the system responds immediately to all incoming conversations

Worth $3,600/year

Missed Call Text Back track all calls and missed calls will get an immediate follow up text and conversation starter. Your callers will feel acknowledged and you can implement speed to lead in your business.

Worth $2,499/year

BONUS #1 Social Media Planner Post content from ONE place to all the social media platforms. You can even batch and schedule your content for more visibility on every platform

Worth $2,400/year

BONUS #2 Agent AI & Prompt Vault help you write more texts, emails, social media posts, listing descriptions, business documents, and so much more.

Worth $1,200/year

A Value of over $13,000...... But you can have it for a fraction of the cost For Just $97 Per Month and a oNE TIME setup fee of $200

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When I Purchase?

Your account will be created and you will be given instant access to thesystem. We will send you a welcome email with info and a link to book your onboarding call. You don't have to wait for your call to begin. You have full access to the Agent AI, social media planner, etc. You can add your social media accounts, add your contacts, and take a look around.

Do I Need To Be a Tech Genius?

Absolutely not! We took some of the greatest needs for real estate agents and built them on an easy to use platform. If you can use an Iphone then you can do the OMD Method. Plus, for those days when you aren't feeling confident we have 24/7 Live Chat with a real system expert ready to help.

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